Iain Sharpe Offers Advice for Choosing a Premier League Team to Root for

iain sharpe


When Iain Sharpe is at Merrill Lynch, you probably won’t see him wearing his favorite Premier League team’s scarf, but you can rest assured that it’s at home. Iain Shape is a financial advisor who is also a very big Liverpool fan. Iain Sharpe spent time in England and has relatives there who helped him choose a team.

However, if you are a big soccer fan in the United States with no ties to a team in the Premier League, finding a team to root for may be a little difficult. Each Premier League team is very different and your personality might not match every fan base. For example, someone who is an Arsenal fan will be very different from someone who is rooting for the Spurs at Wembley.

So if you are unsure of who to root for, Iain Sharpe of Merrill Lynch may be able to help. Here are a few considerations to make as you find the perfect team for you:

Do You Want to Root for a Team that Is Always in the Hunt? You don’t need Iain Sharpe, a financial advisor, to understand that if your team has a lot of money, they are going to likely do well. “The Big Four” is the nickname for Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Chelsea. These teams have billions of dollars and are always a favorite to win the cup.  If you don’t want your heart broken, these teams are always a good idea.

Have You Gone to a Soccer Bar of a Team You’re Considering Rooting for? We understand that you probably can’t make it to England to see what your team’s fan base might be like. However, if you live near a city, you should be able to find a soccer bar of various teams in the Premier League. Do a Facebook search to find fan groups in your city and see where they meet up.

If You Go Underdog, Be Prepared for a Possible Relegation: There was a joke several years ago that Chelsea could be relegated and kicked out of the Premier League after significantly underperforming after a championship. Yes, you can get kicked out of your league if you’re bad enough. So if you want to root for a bad team and be on the ground level, please know that your team could eventually be moved out of the Premier League if they are bad enough.


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