Iain Sharpe is a financial advisor who currently lives in Houston, Texas.  He and his wife, Brooke,  were married in Laguna Niguel and together they have two young children who are big fans of sports. Baseball, golf, and soccer are their favorites. Today, Iain Sharpe works for Merrill Lynch.

This blog will center on some of Iain Sharpe’s interests. When he is not in the office or spending time with his family, Iain Sharpe is an avid golfer. He has passed his love of golf onto his children. Iain Sharpe also loves to travel.

After university, Iain backpacked in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.  It was actually in Hong Kong where he received a job offer to work at the Four Seasons in Chicago. He worked in the Four Seasons Hotel Management program. He would move on to finance after meeting some investment bankers and deciding a career in finance would be one he would really enjoy.

Also, Iain Sharpe is a big enthusiast of interior design and home design in general. Several years ago, Iain actually built his own home for him and his family. If you have any questions about home design, repairs, and construction, this blog may provide information and tips on this subject.

Iain Sharpe’s Heritage

This blog will also examine Sharpe’s British and Scottish heritage. Iain’s father, Andrew, is part Scottish and English. Iain’s grandfather actually changed his surname from Sharp to Sharpe when he was in his 20s and moved to England from Scotland.  He thought the “e” on the end made it sound more interesting. Iain’s grandparents on his mother’s side owned a pub called The Rose and Crown, in Biddulph Moore England. Chances are that this blog will also take a look at some of the best pubs in England and what you should order when you go to your favorite pub.

Since Iain Sharpe has an English heritage, he loves the English Premier League. He is a Liverpool fan, so he hopes this is the year Klopp can lead his team to the FA Cup. You will probably find a few posts about Liverpool, especially as the season heats up. Please come back to read more about Iain Sharpe and his interests, family heritage, and more.